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Tokyo slum prostitutes band together against a harsh world in Seijun Suzuki’s film, perched on the knife’s edge between trenchant social critique and exploitation. Sen, Roku, Mino, Machiko, and new teenage addition Maya find their tough rule-bound group thrown into a new arrangement with the arrival of a former soldier (Joe Shishido) who’s on the run after murdering an American GI. Shot in lurid color widescreen, with Suzuki’s no-holds-barred style in full effect.

“When that guy made a movie he wouldn’t sleep. He’d come every morning at nine o’clock and work until ten at night. Then, he’d go back, drink Suntory Daruma whiskey and think about what he was going to do tomorrow.”
—Joe Shishido on Seijun Suzuki

  • Directed By Seijun Suzuki
  • 1964
  • Japan
  • Japanese with English subtitles
  • 35mm
  • 90 minutes