In person: director Pang Ho-cheung!

Back in 2010, Pang Ho-cheung released Love in a Puff, about two people who meet in the alley behind their office during smoke breaks and fall in love. It was shot fast, had a sharp-edged script, and two likeable, scruffy lovebirds at its core: Shawn Yue (Infernal Affairs 2) and Miriam Yeung (Hong Kong’s comedy queen). As insubstantial and pleasant as a summer breeze, it became an unlikely hit and here’s the semi-sequel in which the two lovers try to make their relationship work. We wanted to show both movies back-to-back, but the distributor is asking an outrageous rental fee for Love in a Puff so we can’t show it—but don’t be scared! Before each screening of Buff we’ll summarize the first movie for you (with puppets!) in five minutes or less, so you can start Love in the Buff Love in the Buff is a movie that believes in true love, but it also believes that it takes more than a musical montage and a race to the train station to achieve it. Real love is worth fighting for, and in Buff, the two leads fight for it with everything they’ve got.

  • Directed By Pang Ho-cheung
  • 2012
  • Hong Kong
  • 106 minutes