Introduction by Red Hollywood director Thom Andersen on August 17.

“Money brought them together. Racism tore them apart” reads the tagline of this film about the perfect heist gone wrong, written by Abraham Polonsky and Nelson Gidding and scored by John Lewis. Dave Burke (Ed Begley) recruits two men (Robert Ryan and Harry Belafonte), one white and one black, to help carry out a bank robbery. Both are desperate for money, but tensions rise as racism rears it ugly head. Polonsky and Gidding’s script is granted a strong sense of place by director Wise’s location shooting on the streets of New York City and Hudson, NY, yielding a heist thriller that richly evokes the social climate at the time of the film’s release.

  • Directed By Robert Wise
  • 1959
  • USA
  • 35mm
  • 96 minutes