Adapted by Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk from his novel The Black Book, Secret Face introduces us to a young photographer who spends each night haunting late-night Istanbul cafes, capturing on film the faces he meets in the shadows. The audience for his work is a mysterious woman, who scans his photographs in search of a certain face. At last she seems to find it, on a clockmaker working in a provincial town, and she sends the photographer off to find him. But soon this woman also disappears, setting the photographer off on a search that will bring him into an increasingly mysterious space made up equally of the physical world and the recesses of his own consciousness. A fascinating, gripping work with overtones of Kafka that subverts our expectations at every turn, Secret Face also features a haunting, minimalist score by Cahit Berkay that provides the perfect counterpoint to photographer’s quest.

  • Ömer Kavur
  • 1991
  • Turkey
  • Turkish with English subtitles
  • 35mm
  • 115 minutes