Sneak Preview!

David is 18 years old and newly arrived in Barcelona in search of an opportunity. Gràcia, a sixty-ish, lonely, bitter woman, offers him free room and board in exchange for his companionship. Their coexistence becomes, from the start, explosive. Will they realize in time that they need each other? One of the great stars of Spanish cinema, Rosa Maria Sarda, is featured alongside rising star Oriol Pla in this sharply observed comedy by one of Spain's best-loved auteurs, a keen and ever-surprising tale of desire looking for news forms of expression. The soundtrack is a veritable catalog of the best in new Catalan pop: Mazoni, Sanjosex, El petit de cal eril, Èric Vinaixa, Illa Carolina…

  • Ventura Pons
  • 2011
  • Spain
  • Catalan with English subtitles
  • 90 minutes