Film Comment

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Published since 1962, Film Comment magazine features in-depth reviews, critical analysis, and feature coverage of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde filmmaking from around the world.

Today a bimonthly print publication and a website, Film Comment was originally released as a quarterly magazine (and, for the first two issues, bore the title Vision) before switching to more frequent publication with the September/October 1972 issue. The magazine was founded under the editorship of Gordon Hitchens, who was followed by Richard Corliss, Harlan Jacobson, Richard Jameson, Gavin Smith, and Nicolas Rapold.

In 2007, Film Comment won the Utne Independent Press Award for Best Arts Coverage: “Film Comment regularly publishes some of the best film writers in the world, and they probe and parse cinema in ways that deepen our experience of it.”

Past and present contributing critics include Paul Arthur, David Bordwell, Richard Combs, Manohla Dargis, Raymond Durgnat, Roger Ebert, Manny Farber, Howard Hampton, Molly Haskell, J. Hoberman, Richard Jameson, Kent Jones, Dave Kehr, Nathan Lee, Todd McCarthy, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Tony Rayns, Frank Rich, Andrew Sarris, Richard Schickel, Elliott Stein, Amy Taubin, David Thomson, Richard Thompson, Amos Vogel, Robin Wood, and many more.

Here’s what some of our filmmaker friends have said:

“I’ve always been a big movie magazine reader, but the only ones I save are Film Comment. They’re a part of my library.” —Wes Anderson

Film Comment connects me to a time when films and filmmakers actually mattered and were treated as being worthy of serious discussion. There’s no other cinema magazine remotely like it.” —Steven Soderbergh

“I love every aspect of motion pictures, and I’m committed to it for life. Film Comment has that same commitment when it comes to writing about motion pictures.” —Clint Eastwood