Arabian Nights Trilogy

A monumental yet light-footed work that remains absorbed in the minutiae of existence… It is hard to imagine a more generous or radical approach to these troubled times—one that honors its fantasy life as much as its hard realities. —Dennis Lim, Film Comment

An up-to-the minute rethinking of what it means to make a political film today, Miguel Gomes’s epic paean to the art of storytelling—filmed during Portugal’s recent plunge into austerity—is a generous, radical chronicle of these troubled times, one that honors its fantasy life as fully as its hard realities.

Volume I, The Restless One: Screens December 25, 28.

Volume II, The Desolate One: Screens December 26, 29, 30

Volume III, The Enchanted One: Screens December 18-24, 27, 31

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