Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Faye Dunaway, Joanne Woodward, and Paul Newman are just of the few cinematic icons whom have been featured on the official poster celebrating the Cannes Film Festival in years past. With the filmgoing public gearing up for the 67th annual Cannes Film Festival this May, another star can now be added to the list. 

In honoring this year’s lineup (to be officially announced Thursday), Cannes looked to a past entry for inspiration.

Featuring an image of the sunglasses-wearing Marcello Mastroianni from Federico Fellini’s Academy Award-winning landmark film 8 ½, the poster is quite the attention-grabber, paying homage to a film that was an Official Selection in 1963.

The poster is credited to Hervé Chigioni and his graphic designer Gilles Frappier. “The way he looks at us above his black glasses draws us right in to a promise of global cinematographic happiness,” noted the poster’s designer. “The happiness of experiencing the Festival de Cannes together.”

The poster is already gaining appreciative fans. “I am very proud and touched that Cannes has chosen to pay tribute to my father with this poster,” Marcello Mastroianni’s daughter Chiara proclaimed. “I find it very beautiful and modern, with a sweet irony and a classy sense of detachment. It’s really him through and through!”