It’s always a delight for a programmer to get to present something rare and precious to audiences, and the films of Czech animator Jiri Trnka, screening in the first complete U.S. retrospective starting today at the Film Society, surely are that.

Making it even more exciting for me is the personal connection I have to these films. Growing up in France, we were really lucky to have access to international films on TV, and we got a lot of animation coming from the East as well as the West. Years later, when I saw some of Trnka’s films as an adult, I realized that I had seen them when I was younger, and it gave me a lot of pleasure to see them again, especially on the big screen, where they look especially amazing. Now you can watch all of the intricate storytelling and beautiful imagery of these films, many in new restorations and with new subtitles.

View the lineup and get tickets here.

See you there!


Florence Almozini
Associate Director of Programming

PS: Special offer for the April 21 screenings of Trnka’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Jiri Brdecka’s Animated Shorts! All ticket holders are invited to a reception with Czech beer starting at 6pm in the Furman Gallery, plus free popcorn and soda at the screenings, courtesy of Czech Center New York.

On this week’s episode of our podcast, Film Society Editorial Director Michael Koresky discusses the series with programmers Florence Almozini and Irena Kovarova.

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