An end of summer ritual for cinephiles materializes this afternoon in the mountains of Colorado as the secret lineup for the Telluride Film Festival is revealed, just as moviegoers arrive in the rustic town for this weekend's festival. Its the 39th annual edition of a festival called “The Show” by its devoted, even fanatical, attendees. The event has achieved cult-like status within American cinema culture for its selective and eclectic mix of both new and classic movies.

New films from Noah Baumbach (Frances Ha), Ramin Bahrani (At Any Price), Liz Garbus (Love, Marilyn), Xavier Giannoli (Superstar), Roger Michell (Hyde Park on Hudson), Sara Polley (Stories We Tell), Sally Potter (Ginger and Rosa), Michael Winterbottom (Everyday) are complemented by a roster of films from festivals earlier in the year such as Nikolaj Arcel's A Royal Affair, Michael Haneke's Amour, Pablo Larrain's No, Christian Petzold's Barbara and Ulrich Seidl's Paradise: Love.

Meanwhile, attendees will have a chance to experience an array of older films and unearthed classics all weekend. Festival guest director Geoff Dyer has selected Claire Denis' Beau Travail, Lukas Moodysson's Together and Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker for his section, while the festival will also revisit a pair of Werner Herzog films, Lessons of Darkness (1992) and The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner (1974).

Chatting about the lineup a few days ago, one of the festival directors Gary Meyer tipped Raymond Griffith's Hands Up as a must-see for the weekend. A silent film by a little-known director, the movie is described as a Civil War parody and was a hit at the recent Pordenone silent film fest in Italy. Meyer said he'd been hoping for years to find a way to screen the film at the festival because it is one of the few complete surviving films by Griffith. He's also excited about The Marvelous Life of Joan of Arc, another silent film (by Marco de Gastyne) that's not available on DVD. Festival organizers had to hunt to score this one. They found a multi-part version of the movie on YouTube and were able to do a bit of detective work to source a print and construct subtitles for this weekend's screening.

Telluride will tribute European actors Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone) and Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt), as well as legendary American director, producer and distributor Roger Corman.

Sadly, the festival will also salute two cinephiles who died this year. The 39th edition of the Telluride Film Festival is dedicated to the late Bingham Ray, a fest fixture and Telluride fan who passed away earlier this year, as well as Australian filmmaker Jan Sharp. Their absences will be apparent as attendees immerse themselves in movies this weekend.

Telluride Film Festival  New Films:

A Royal Affair The Act of Killing (Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark, 2012) 
Amour (Michael Haneke, Austria, 2012)

At Any Price (Ramin Bahrani, US, 2012)

The Attack (Ziad Doueiri, Lebanon/France, 2012)

Barbara (Christian Petzold, Germany, 2012)

The Central Park Five (Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, David McMahon, US, 2012)

Everyday (Michael Winterbottom, UK, 2012)
Frances Ha (Baumbach, US, 2012)

The Gatekeepers (Dror Moreh, Israel, 2012)

Ginger and Rosa (d. Sally Potter, England., 2012)

The Hunt (Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark, 2012)

Hyde Park on Hudson (Roger Michell, US, 2012)

The Iceman (Ariel Vroman, US, 2012)
Love, Marilyn (Liz Garbus, US, 2012)
Midnight's Children (Deepa Mehta, Canada/Sri-Lanka, 2012)
No (Pablo Larrain, Chile, 2012)
Paradise: Love (Ulrich Seidl, Austria, 2012)
Piazza Fontana (Marco Tullio Giordana, Italy, 2012)
Rust and Bone (Jacques Audiard, France, 2012)

The Sapphires (Wayne Blair, Australia, 2012)

Stories We Tell (Sarah Polley, Canada, 2012)

Superstar (Xavier Giannoli, France, 2012)

Wadjda (Haifaa Al Mansour, Saudi Arabia, 2012)
What is this Film Called Love? (Mark Cousins, Ireland/Mexico, 2012)

Telluride Film Festival – Classics and retrospectives:

Geoff Dyer's Guest Director Program:
Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, Russia, 1979)
Beau Travail (Claire Denis, France, 1999)

Together (Lukas Moodysson, Sweden, 2000)

A Tribute to Roger Corman:
The Masque of the Red Death (US/UK, 1964)

The Intruder (US, 1961)

Baraka (Ron Fricke, US, 1992)
Unrelated (Joanna Hogg, UK, 2007)

Additional Film Revivals:
The Marvelous Life of Joan of Arc (Marco de Gastyne, France, 1929)

Hands Up! (Clarence Badger, US, 1926)

I Knew Her Well (Antonio Pietrangeli, Italy, 1965)

Retour de Flamme 2012, presented by Serge Bromberg

Telluride Film Festival  The Backlot:

Breaking the Frame (Marielle Nitoslawska, Canada, 2012)
Carriere 250 Meters (Juan Carlos Rulfo, Mexico, 2012)
Celluloid Man: A Film on P.K. Nair (Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, India, 2012)
Cinema Jenin (Marcus Vetter, Germany/Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territory, 2012)
Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen (Gyorgy Palfi, Hungary, 2012)
In Search of Emak Bakia (Oskar Alegria, Spain, 2012)
Jonathan Miller (David Thompson, UK, 2012)
Journal de France (Raymond Depardon and Claudine Nougaret, France, 2012)
Me and Me Dad (Katrine Boorman, UK, 2012)
Mikis Theodorakis, Composer (Klaus Salge and Asteris Kutulas, Germany, 2012)
On Borrowed Time (David Bradbury, Australia, 2012)
The Short Films of Jean Negulesco (US, early 1940s)

Telluride Film Festival  Shorts:

The Meaning of Style (Phil Collins, Malaysia, 2001)

Body Memory (Ulo Pikkov, Estonia, 2011)

Barn Owl (Anna Spencer, Australia, 2011)

Charley Chase's Movie Night (Lewis Foster, US, 1929)

Reindeer (Eva Weber, UK, 2011)

Junktopia (Chris Marker, Frank Simeone, John Chapman, US/France, 1981)

Agnes de ci de la Varda, Chris Marker segment (Agnes Varda, France, 2011)

Una Furtiva Lagrima (Carlo Vogele, US, 2012)
BOO (Rupert Reid, Australia, 2012)

Two Films by Werner Herzog:

Lessons of Darkness (France/UK/Germany, 1992)

The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner (Germany, 1974)

Spotlight: Jack Garfein:

Something Wild (US, 1961)

The Strange One (US, 1957)

Telluride Film Festival  Filmmakers of Tomorrow:

Student Prints

Revolution Reykjavik (Isold Uggadottir, Iceland, 2011)

Delicacy (Jason Mann, US, 2012)

The Mouth Wreaks Wet (Daniel Jaffe, US, 2012)

The Pirate of Love (Sara Gunnarsdottir, US, 2012)

Drifters (Ethan Clark, US, 2012)

Ash (Taj J. Musco, Singapore, 2012)

Rain (Sam McKeith, Thomas McKeith, Australia, 2011)

Tease (Grace Sloan, US, 2012)
Caterwaul (Ian Samuels, US, 2012)

Great Expectations

It Ain't Over (Caleb Slain, US, 2012)

Under the Colours (Esmail Monsef, Iran, 2012)

Pilgrim Hill (Gerard Barrett, Ireland, 2012)

Calling Cards

It's Not a Cowboy Movie (Benjamin Parent, France, 2012)

The Search for Inspiration Gone (Ashley Michael Briggs, England, 2012)

Lack of Evidence (Hayoun Kwon, France, 2011)

The Chair (Grainger David, US, 2012)

The Return (Blerim Gjoci, Kosovo, 2012)
Einspruch VI (Rolando Colla, Switzerland, 2012)

Asad (Bryan Buckley, South Africa/US, 2011)
The End (Didier Barcelo, France, 2011)

Annecy Animation

Edmond Was a Donkey (Franck Dion, France, 2012)

Nightingales in December (Theodore Ushev, Canada, 2011)
Tunnel (Maryam Kashkoolinia, Iran, 2012)

Aalterate (Christobel de Oliveira, France/Netherlands, 2011)

Here and the Great Elsewhere (Michele Lemieux, Canada, 2012)

Flood (Julia Gromskaya, Italy, 2012)

Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto (Johan Oettinger, Denmark, 2012)

Tram (Michaela Pavlatova, France/Czech Republic, 2012)

Una Furtiva Lagrima (Carlo Vogele, Luxemburg, 2012)