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In our third Hot Topics roundtable from the 66th Cannes Film Festival, Brian Brooks (Deadline/FilmLinc Daily), Eric Kohn (Indiewire), Jada Yuan (New York Magazine), and Nigel Smith (Indiewire) share their impressions of the festival so far.

Brian Brooks on Stranger by the Lake: “There’s no way to cut out all the frontal nudity. Otherwise, the movie would go away. There would be no movie.”

Eric Kohn on seeing smaller films at Cannes: “It’s very much a hype-driven festival. It’s driven by the market place and it’s driven by media hype. And so to go beyond that, and to find things that are more discoveries, is incredibly difficult. Which is ironic in a place that celebrates art film better than any other festival in the world.”

Jada Yuan on All is Lost: “He just acts for two hours, and really shows you what it’s like to be a movie star because I don’t really know anybody else who could hold your attention without talking for two hours.”

Nigel Smith on Adele Exarchopoulos in Blue Is the Warmest Color: “This is an actress who is asked to, you know, register every emotion possible on her face over the course of this three hour film. And she really does that. I mean, it’s spectacular, the depths that she goes to.”

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