Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless (1960)

At Film Society of Lincoln Center, we have a great respect for those who honor the history of film. For 15 years now, Rialto Pictures has been one of the leading film distributors for reissues. To celebrate their anniversary, we are teaming up to present “15 For 15: Celebrating Rialto Pictures,” a collection of 15 films that Rialto has helped to preserve and present to new audiences decades after their original releases.

The celebration runs from March 19 – 29, beginning with a 50th anniversary screening of Alberto Lattuada's dark comedy Mafioso. Just as great now as was years ago, but sharper than ever before thanks to an impressive restoration, which stole the show at the NYFF '06, we are glad to have it gracing our screens once again.

And it will be in good company! “15 For 15” also includes films from Film Society favorites such as Fellini, Godard, Buñuel, and more. Many of these films have rarely been screened recently, especially in the quality Rialto is presenting: all 15 are on beautiful new 35mm prints! Jean-Pierre Melville's Army of Shadows, which came out in 1969, did not receive a U.S. release until 2006. Godard's debut film, Breathless, screens with revised subtitles and a beautifully restored print. Each film in this series is as artful in its appearence as it is in substance.

With 15 films screening just one time each, make sure to plan ahead. The classic heist film Riffifi is a sight to see, and not just for film buffs. The same goes for Mel Brooks's debut, The Producers, which helped launch the career of one of stage and screen's funniest voices.

What Rialto Pictures does is a labor of love. We are showing our appreciation by giving you the opportunity to see these classics the way they were intended: on the big screen in 35mm!

Tickets to “15 For 15: Celebrating Rialto Pictures” are now on sale and start at just $7 for Members. Planning on seeing several of these masterpieces? We've got an unbeatable package deal: three films for just $15!