Tonight we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of our annual Chaplin Award Gala, which will honor writer-director-performer Barbra Streisand. But first, join us for a look back at the second decade of the award’s history with photos from the 1983 – 1992 events.

Laurence Olivier (1983):

Olivier, Lillian Gish, and Douglas Fairbanks. Photo: Federico Diaz

Richard Chamberland and Maggie Smith. Photo: Deborah Freedman

Claudette Colbert (1984):

Colbert. Photo: Federico Diaz

Colbert. Photo: Paul Schumach

Federico Fellini (1985):

Fellini. Photo: Federico Diaz

Giulietta Masina, and Mareclo Mastroianni. Photo: Paul Schumach

Elizabeth Taylor (1986):

Taylor and George Hamilton. Photo: David McGough

Taylor and Hamilton. Photo: 
David McGough

Alec Guinness (1987):

Guinness. Photo: Suzanne Faulkner Stevens

Carrie Fisher, Guinness, and Mark Hamill. Photographer unknown

Yves Montand (1988):

Montand and Raquel Welch. Photo: Paul Schumach

Bette Davis (1989):

Davis and James Stewart. Photo: Federico Diaz

James Stewart (1990):

Stewart. Photo: Jonathan Levine

Audrey Hepburn (1991): 

Hepburn. Photo: Larry White

Harry Belafonte and Hepburn. Photo: Larry White

Gregory Peck (1992):

Peck and Hepburn. Photo: Stephanie Berger