A well-told story can be as absorbing and affecting shared during a live Q&A as it can be delivered on the silver screen. Launched earlier this month, our new Cinema Stories video series spotlights meaningful moments of film history, artistic influences, and personal anecdotes captured during intimate conversations with filmmakers at Film at Lincoln Center over the years. 

In our second video, the intrepid Claire Denis shares a heartfelt story about getting to know the late, legendary Chantal Akerman and why she’s inspired by her total trust in filmmaking. Her story was part of an On Cinema conversation with Kent Jones during the 56th New York Film Festival in 2018, where Denis’ daring sci-fi odyssey High Life was a Main Slate selection. Watch below.

For more from Denis, watch her full On Cinema talk from the 56th New York Film Festival and more of the filmmaker’s visits to Film at Lincoln Center.