Israeli director Nadav Lapid’s first film, Policeman, will join Film Society’s lineup of New Releases on Friday, and we have some exclusive clips for your viewing pleasure!

A boldly conceived drama pivoting on the initially unrelated activities of an elite anti-terrorist police unit and some wealthy young anarchists, Policeman is the striking first feature from writer-director Nadav Lapid. Provocatively timely in light of recent unrest tied to social and economic inequalities in Israel, this is a powerfully physical film in its depiction of the muscular, borderline sensual way the macho cops relate to one another, as well as for the emphatic style with which the opposing societal forces are contrasted and finally pitted against one another. Although the youthful revolutionaries come off as petulant and spoiled, their point about the growing gap between the Israeli haves and have-nots cannot be ignored, even by the policemen sent on a rare mission to engage fellow countrymen rather than Palestinians. 

The 2011 film was a hit at multiple film festivals that year, including Locarno and Jerusalem.  It even screened here at the 49th New York Film Festival in 2011, as well as 2012’s New York Jewish Film Festival.  Nadav Lapid has enjoyed growing success since his debut.  His most recent film, The Kindergarten Teacher, just premiered at Cannes to good reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter said Policeman‘s “main performances are powerful, the visuals are bold and vivid, the final effect one of the gut having been punched and the mind stirred,” and Variety states that “it reps a strong debut from tyro helmer-writer Nadav Lapid, and will leave audiences debating the current social and philosophical issues it reflects.”

Policeman stars Yiftach Klein (shown in the clip above), and Yaara Pelzig, Michael Moshonov, and Michael Aloni (below).  Both clips show the film’s ability to effectively blend sexuality and violence, while maintaining serious tones addressing masculinity and conflict.

The film opens for an exclusive theatrical run (for one week only) on Friday June 13, with director Nadav Lapid in person for Q&As at the 6:45pm screenings on both Friday and Saturday!