Copenhagen Denmark's CPH: DOX unveiled its 11th annual lineup this week with 200 films including 57 world and international premieres joining the roster. The Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, taking place November 7 – 17, will spotlight the “correlation between documentaries and artists,” featuring two curated programs by Ai Weiwei and The Yes Men.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has selected 10 films for this year's festival under the banner “Everything Is Under Control.” CPH: DOX will also host the world premiere of Ai Weiwei's new film, Stay Home!, about a 10-year old girl who is not allowed to receive medical care for her HIV-infection, because she is the second child in the family. And activist duo The Yes Men will bring the mainstream media into focus with eight features, which urge viewers to “think for themselves.”

New this year is the festival's F:ACT Award competition which spotlights “investigative journalism.” Among the dozen films screening in the section are Alex Gibney's We Steal Secrets – The Story of WikiLeaks and Errol Morris' The Unknown Known. Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez's Manakamana, which had its U.S. debut at the recent New York Film Festival, meanwhile, will screen in CPH: DOX's New Visions section.

The competition lineup follows:

DOX:AWARD: The films nominated for DOX:AWARD are our selection of what CPH Dox consider this year’s “best international documentaries.” In this category, are the world premieres of Ai Weiwei, the world-renowned photographer Antoine d’Agata as well as many others.

Stay Home! (World Premiere) – Directed by Ai Weiwei (China, 2013)
Atlas (World Premiere) – Directed by Antoine d'Agata (France 2013)
Naomi Campbel (World Premiere) – Directed by Nicolás Videla and Camila José Donoso (Chile 2013)
Everyday Rebellion (World Premiere) – Directed by The Riahi Brothers (Austria and Switzerland, 2013)
The Great Night (International Premiere) – Directed by Petr Hátle (Checkrepublic, 2013)
The Blocher Experience (International Premiere) – Directed by Jean-Stéphane Bron (Switzerland, 2013)
An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker – Directed by Danis Tanovic (Bosnia, 2013)
Bloody Beans (International Premiere) – Directed by Narimane Mari (Algeria and France 2013)
Birds of September WP (World Premiere) – Directed by Sarah Francis (Lebanon 2013)
The Mother and the Sea (World Premiere) – Directed by Gonçalo Tocha (Portugal, 2013)
Love Me (World Premiere) – Directed by Hanne Myren (Norway, 2013)
My Love Awaits Me by the Sea (European Premiere) – Directed by Mais Darwazah (Jordan and others, 2013)
Stop the Pounding Heart – Directed by Roberto Minervini (Italy, USA and more, 2013)
The Reunion – Directed by Anna Odell (Sweden, 2013)
F:ACT AWARD: CPH:DOX and the Danish Union of Journalists offer a new journalistic prize that honors the investigating documentaries. There are 12 films nominated in this category that are competing for the prize worth €5,000.

Big A – From Gang Wars to Jihad (World Premiere) – 
Directed by Nagieb Khaja (Denmark, 2013)
The War Campaign (World Premiere) – Directed by Boris Bertram (Denmark, 2013)
The Agreement (World Premiere)
 – Directed by Karen Stokkendal Poulsen (Denmark, 2013)
The UK Gold (International Premiere)
 – Directed by Mark Donne (UK, 2013)
Dirty Wars – 
Directed by Richard Rowley (US, 2013)
Population Boom (International Premiere)
 – Directed by Werner Boote (Austria, 2013)
Big Men
 – Directed by Rachel Boynton (US, 2013)
Master of the Universe
 – Directed by Marc Bauder (Germany & Austria, 2013)
In God We Trust
 – Directed by Victor Kubicek & Derek Anderson (US, 2013)
No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka – Directed by Callum Macrae, (UK, 2013)
We Steal Secrets – The Story of WikiLeaks
 – Directed by Alex Gibey (US, 2013)
The Unknown Known
 – Directed by Errol Morris (US, 2013)

NEW:VISION is the competition for the boundary-pushing experiments between film and contemporary art.

The Filmballad of Mamadada (World Premiere) – Directed by Cassandra Guan and Lily Benson (USA, 2013)
Hair (World Premiere) – Directed by Agnieszka Polska (Poland, 2013)
Lettres du voyant (World Premiere) – Directed by Louis Henderson (France, 2013)
It for Others (World Premiere) – Directed by Duncan Campbell (Ireland, 2013)
Captain Gervasio's Family (World Premiere) – Directed by Kasper Akhøj, Tamar Guimaraes (Denmark & Brazil, 2013)
Aleksander (World Premiere)
 – Directed by Anka Sasnal and Wilhelm Sasnal (Poland, 2013)
Redemption (World Premiere)
 – Directed by Miguel Gomes (Portugal, 2013)
Promised Land (World Premiere) – 
Directed by Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen (Denmark and England, 2013)
A Spell To Ward Off the Darkness – Directed by Ben Rivers and Ben Russell (France and Estonia, 2013)
Manakamana – Directed by Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez (USA and Nepal, 2013)
Apicula Enigma – Directed by Marine Hugonnier (England, 2013)
The Trick Brain (International Premiere) – 
Directed by Ed Atkins (England, 2013)
 – Directed by Pierre Huyghe (France, 2013)
Natpwe, the Feast of the Spirits
 – Directed by Tiane Doan na Champassak and Jean Dubrel (France, 2013)
A Thousand Suns
 – Directed by Mati Diop (France, 2013)
 – Directed by Michelangelo Frammartino (Italy, 2013) 

NORDIC:DOX: New Nordic films are nominated for the CPH:DOX award for Nordic documentaries.

The Shadow (World Premiere) – Directed by Line Hatland (Norway, 2013)
Portrait of a Lone Farmer (World Premiere) – Directed by Jide Tom Akinleminu (Denmark & Germany, 2013)
Drømmen om en familie (World Premiere) – Directed by Mira Jargil (Denmark, 2013)
A separation (World Premiere) – Directed by Karin Ekberg, (Sweden, 2013)
Days of Hope (World Premiere) – Directed by Ditte Haarløv Johnsen (Denmark, 2013)
Pine Ridge (World Premiere) – Directed Anna Eborn (Denmark, 2013)
Not at Home (World Premiere) – Directed by Katja Adomeit & Shahrbanoo Sadat, (Denmark & Afghanistan, 2013)
Balcony Tales – Directed by Helle Windeløv-Lidzélius, (Denmark, 2013)
Kopfkino (International Premiere) – Directed by Lene Berg (Norway, 2013)
My Stuff – Directed by Petri Luukkainen (Finland, 2013)
After You (International Premiere) – Directed by Marius Dybwad-Brandrud (Sweden, 2013)
Alcan Highway – Directed by Aleksi Salmenperä (Finland, 2013)
Belleville Baby – Directed by Mia Engberg (Sweden, 2013)