The Secret of the Kells (Tomm Moore, 2009)

This May and June, Family Films celebrates artful animation and live-action animal adventures!  The series kicks off with Tomm Moore’s Oscar nominated 2009 film The Secret of the KellsFantasia follow-up, Make Mine Music, screens (May 11 & 12).  This 1946 film is scored by popular music of the time, including Benny Goodman and Dinah Shore. 

In Jannik Hastrup’s 2002 touching film The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear (May 18 & 19), a young boy decides whether he wants to return to his human family, or stay with his adoptive polar bear family.  From 1996, Claude Nuridsany’s Microcosmos (May 25 & 26) is a beautiful time-lapse photographical documentary on the surprisingly complicated life of various insects. 

The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear (Jannik Hastrup, 2002)

A walrus named Seela and a polar bear named Nanu come of age in Sarah Robertson’s 2007 film Arctic Tale (June 1 & 2), and Jaques-Remy Girerd’s beautifully animated 2008 film Mia and the Migoo screens on June 8 & 9.  With the help of Migoo, Mia tries to save her father who is stuck in a magical forest.

Mia and the Magoo (Jaques-Remy Girerd, 2008)

The Bear is an endearing 1988 movie directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and filmed with trained bears, depicting the first year of life for a cub (screens June 15 & 16).  From 1941, Dave Fleischer’s Hoppity Goes to Town (Mr. Bug Goes to Town) is a fun movie starring Hoppity, a bug who has to deal with humans who litter and beetles who bully (screens June 22 & 23).  Finally, Family Films of June closes on June 29 & 30 with Winged Migration.  This Jacques Perrin film from 2001 is a beautifully shot account of several bird species’ migration patterns.

So, join us for a wide range of films that are sure to appeal to movie lovers of all ages!