Building this new website has been a transformative experience. One that has provided us the opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, assess where we are, and imagine where we’re going. For almost fifty years, the Film Society of Lincoln Center has prided itself on introducing film-lovers to what’s next. The next great film, the next great trend. Today, we introduce you to what’s next for us.

Along with the Walter Reade, and the two new theaters opening this summer, is our fourth screen. The one that transcends the limitations of buildings and geography, and serves as a symbol of our growth as we take the Film Society’s mission and extend it further than ever before.

Designing the site has forced us to examine ourselves from the perspective of our audience. If we were visiting the website, what would we want it to be? We hope this has resulted in a user-friendly marriage of fun and ideas. A place where anyone anywhere can login, and immerse themselves in our world.

Rose Kuo is the Executive Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center.