The opening film from the recent SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Source Code, will get a sneak preview at the Film Society tomorrow night. Prior to opening in theaters next month, the thriller will screen at the Walter Reade Theater on Tuesday, March 22nd, with director Duncan Jones on hand for a Q & A after the 7 p.m. screening.

Filmmaker Duncan Jones, the son of rock star David Bowie, made a splash with his acclaimed 2009 feature, Moon. Described as “a mind-bending thriller,” Source Code features nods to Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. The source code of the film’s title refers to a computer program that allows somoene to enter the body of another person for the last eight minutes of their life.

The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man, only to learn that he’s involved in a mission to find a Chicago commuter train bomber before the terrorist strikes again. The film also stars Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone), Vera Farmiga (Up In The AIr) and Jeffrey Wright. 

The plot is more complex than that, but in a recent interview with Anne Thompson, director Jones said that, aside from the intricacies of the story, he hopes moviegoers will buy into the thrill of the movie. 

“What’s most important is that they go along for the ride,” Jones told Thompson at SXSW.

For a bit of a teaser, the first five minutes of the film have been posted at