As part of the ramp up of events launching the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center and introducing it to Film Society of Lincoln Center patrons, members, sponsors, the filmmaking community and film going public, FSLC held a number of private parties and receptions to offer a sneak peak of the state-of-the-art theaters and amphitheater. Wednesday evening saw FSLC sponsors Vanity Fair and the Royal Bank of Canada get the early viewing along with some of FSLC's local filmmaker friends.

Brett Ratner and James Toback checking out the amphitheater. (Photo by Godlis)


FSLC's Richard Pena and Scott Foundas with Paul Schrader, set to teach his “Film Class” as part of the free events later in the weekend. (Photo by Godlis)




The creative force behind several of the iconic film posters, images, and trailers for more than three decades, Bloch christened the Film Center's new amphitheater with a presentation that had a standing room only audience entertained and enthralled as he delivered behind the scenes recollections and nuggets about films ranging from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, THE TENANT, HEAVEN CAN WAIT, FRIDAY THE 13th to CHINATOWN, TERMS OF ENDEARMENT and RAGING BULL.

Bloch described the begrudging acceptance of the studio behind 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY to stop pushing the film as pure science fiction (which received a lukewarm reaction) and instead change the marketing to a mind-expanding cinema experience (in other words, a great film to get high to) which turned the film into a hit. (Photo by Andrew Levengood)


Bloch told of Robert Evans' misgivings about the image of Warren Beatty on the classic HEAVEN CAN WAIT poster. Apparently Evans believed some photoshop work was needed to enhance Beatty's crotch area. (He thought it wasn't sufficiently impressive for a man of Beatty's legendary reputation as a womanizer.) Bloch disagreed and though no change was made, he said to this day Evans believes it was. (Photo by Justina Walford)


Bloch talks with FSLC's Gavin Smith. (Photo by Andrew Levengood)


ALEXANDER REVISITED with Oliver Stone – Friday, June 10

Free to the public, Oliver Stone brought his final director's cut of ALEXANDER to the Walter Reade for FSLC's fans. Both with a thoughtful introduction of the film and a thorough discussion afterward with FSLC's Scott Foundas, Stone seemed energized to give the film it's due to the appreciative crowd.

 Oliver Stone (Photo by Godlis.)


Frank Langella arrived early to secure his seat to see Stone's epic. (Photo by Justina Walford)


Oliver Stone with FSLC's Scott Foundas following the Q&A. (Photo by Godlis)


NOAH BAUMBACH with JOEL and ETHAN COEN – Saturday, June 10

Film Society of Lincoln Center members received a clear example of “membership having its privileges” with this conversation between Baumbach and the Coen brothers. Using the credit sequences for many of their films as a leaping off point, the conversation was at turns funny and informative – sometimes to the filmmakers themselves (upon watching the opening sequences of BLOOD SIMPLE and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN played back-to-back, the Coens joked about the similarity in the approach for both films).

The first film chat in the brand new Francesca Beale Theater. (Photo by Godlis)


Noah Baumbach, Joel and Ethan Coen on stage, discussing among other things that ONCE UPON A TI E IN THE WEST contains the indisputable perfect credit sequence and that there is a subset of Stacy Keach films that are must viewing for cinephiles. (Photo by Godlis)