The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Launch – Wednesday, June 1

Weather had threatened rain and possibly even hail storms to dampen the ribbon cutting ceremony – the first event of several to officially launch the Film Society of Lincoln Center's brand new state-of-the-art Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. But Mother Nature decided to stand down in the face of Elinor and her remarkably super sized scissors poised to cut the ribbon allowing the staff to throw the doors open once and for all to the ten-years-in-the-making, $40 million dollar Film Center including two new theaters and an amphitheater featuring the largest (152″) plasma screen television in the country.</p>


The crowd gathered on 65th street to watch the ceremony and be among the first to set foot in the new Film Center. (Photo by Justina Walford.)


Always prepared, FSLC's Latrice Joefield was armed with umbrellas should the heavens not get the note to cease and desist from threatening the proceedings. (Photo by Justina Walford.)


FSLC's Chairwoman of the Board Ann Tennenbaum led off the speeches and presentations by thanking some key individuals in the crowd. (Photo by Godlis.) 


FSLC's President of the Board Dan Stern recounted how he managed to bring renowned architect David Rockwell on the project. (Photo by Godlis.)


U.S. Senator for New York Kirsten Gillibrand said the new Film Center is not just important for the Upper West Side but for all of New York. (Photo by Godlis.)


President of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Reynold Levy spoke of the Film Center being an important addition to what is becoming a new street for the arts (65th Street). (Photo by Godlis.)


Architect David Rockwell (with Stern, Tennenbaum and Senator Gillibrand looking on) spoke of the pleasure it was to work with a Board of Directors that stood firm on the project's development through the 10 year process to get it to completion. Rockwell said that steadfastness was a rarity in his experience. (Photo by Godlis.)


Elinor Bunin Munroe gives the thumbs up for the new Film Center bearing her name. (Photo by Justina Walford.)


Armed with scissors large enough to cut through a ribbon twice the size, Elinor Bunin Munroe prepares to officially begin a new era for the Film Society of Lincoln Center. (Photo by Godlis.)


Former Executive Director Claudia Bonn was one of several Film Society of Lincoln Center alums, friends and family on hand to celebrate and offer their congrats on the big day. (Photo by Godlis.) 


George Munroe and Elinor Bunin Munroe beaming with the thought that Elinor can now relax and go back to cutting ribbon with normal sized scissors like the rest of us. (Photo by Godlis.)


10 years later, the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center is a reality! (Photo by Justina Walford.)


Film Center press preview and press conference – Thursday, July 2

Members of the press attended a special brunch and preview of the brand new Film Center with a press conference including Architect David Rockwell, and FSLC principals (Board President Dan Stern, Chairwoman of the Board Ann Tennenbaum, Program Director Richard Pena and Executive Director Rose Kuo. Moderated by Director of Digital Strategy Eugene Hernandez, the press conference offered some history on the project, details about the film center and the hopes and goals for the Film Society of Lincoln Center moving forward and how the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center will play into achieving those goals.


FSLC Director of PR and Marketing Courtney Ott introduces the press conference participants (left to right: David Rockwell, Richard Pena, Dan Stern and Ann Tennenbaum). (Photo by Wildman.)


Members of the press seated in the benches of the new Amphitheater during the press conference. (Photo by Wildman.) 


FSLC's Executive Director Rose Kuo makes a point during the press conference. (Photo by Wildman.)


FSLC Chairwoman of the Board Ann Tennenbaum enjoys the give-and-take with the press. (Photo by Wildman.)


The post-press conference “family photo”: (left to right) David Rockwell, Richard Pena, Rose Kuo, Ann Tennenbaum, Dan Stern (Photo by Wildman.)


Dan Stern compares notes with FSLC Board member and former Executive Director (and current Film Society historian and cheerleader) Joanne Koch. (Photo by Wildman.)


Journalist Laurie Heifetz interviews David Rockwell. (Photo by Wildman.)


Film Festival Traveler's Laura Blum talks to Rose Kuo. (Photo by Wildman.)


Some Came Running's Glenn Kenny catches up with FSLC's Scott Foundas. (Photo by Wildman.)


Architect Michael Fischer being interviewed by Screen Daily's David D'Arcy. (Photo by Wildman.)


Brunch! (Photo by Wildman.)