The press screenings continued at NYFF, leading up to Opening Night with the notorious Abel Ferrara returning to NYFF, MISS BALA's director and star breaking in the new Film Center press screening-wise and ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR director, Xan Aranda appearing via Skype.


ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR – Friday, September 23


FSLC's Richard Pena relays a question from the journalists for ANDREW BIRD: FEVER YEAR director Xan Aranda. (Photo by Godlis)



4:44: LAST DAY ON EARTH – Monday, September 26

4:44: LAST DAY ON EARTH director Abel Ferrara discusses the making of the film with FSLC's Richard Pena and star Shanyn Leigh. (Photo by Godlis)


Abel Ferrara – version 2011 (Photo by Godlis) and Abel Ferrara – version 1990 (also – Photo by Godlis)


4:44: LAST DAY ON EARTH star (and Abel Ferrara muse) Shanyn Leigh (Photo by Godlis)



MISS BALA – Tuesday, September 27

MISS BALA star Stephanie Signan outside the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center before the film's press conference. (Photo by Godlis)


MISS BALA director Gerardo Naranjo discusses the film with Stephanie Signan and NYFF Selection Committee's Dennis Lim. (Photo by Godlis)


Naranjo said one of the inspirations for making the film was his frustration at how films and media had made light of the people involved in the drug wars in Mexico. (Photo by Godlis)


Signan revealed that Naranjo would sometimes leave her in the dark about the action about to unfold around her as much as her character was in the film.  (Photo by Godlis)


MISS BALA director Gerardo Naranjo meets up with legendary DP Ed Lachman following the press screening and press conference. (Photo by Godlis)



A SEPARATION – Wednesday, September 28

A SEPARATION director Asghar Farhadi flanked by FSLC's Richard Pena and Rose Kuo prior to his press conference. (Photo by Godlis)


FSLC's Scott Foundas discusses the making of A SEPARATION with director Asghar Farhadi. (Photo by Godlis)


After he was asked about the reception of his films in Iran, Farhadi stated that it was vitally important to him that his films be allowed to play for audiences in his home country. (Photo by Godlis)