The press screenings and press conferences continued at the Walter Reade Theater as the members of the New York City and film festival press, fueled by bagel-rific carbs and FSLC’s film fest-strength coffee, began the intensive viewing, writing, and reviewing the movies set to screen at NYFF. Three of those filmmakers chatted via Skype…

WE CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN – Tuesday, September 20

(left to right) Susan Ray, Phil Weisman, Peer Bode and Ken Ross talk to FSLC’s Richard Pena about WE CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN, the experimental final film by notorious film legend, Nicholas Ray. (Photo by Godlis)

Susan Ray will also screen her documentary DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH about the making of Ray’s last film. (Photo by Godlis)

Weisman spoke of the experience of being directed by Ray and how his influence still shapes his work as a filmmaker and editor. (Photo by Godlis)

MUSIC ACCORDING TO TOM JOBIM – Wednesday, September 21

Via Skype, director Nelson Pereira Dos Santos (with translator) was delighted to hear FSLC’s Richard Pena state his opinion that the film is as much about “love” as it is about “music”. (Photo by Godlis)

PATIENCE (AFTER SEBALD) – Thursday, September 22

Director Grant Gee discusses the challenges of making PATIENCE (AFTER SEBALD) with NYFF Screening Committee member Dennis Lim. (Photo by Wildman)

Lim talks about Sebald’s work The Rings of Saturn with PATIENCE (AFTER SEBALD) director Grant Gee. (Photo by Wildman)

TAHRIR – Thursday, September 22

FSLC’s Richard Pena discusses the challenges of shooting amid the chaos of the Tahrir Square activity during the revolution in Egypt with TAHRIR director Stefano Savona. (Photo by Wildman)

Richard Pena talks film revolution with TAHRIR director Stefano Savona. (Photo by Wildman)