Friday, May 20

The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s popular film series, Elizabeth: The Golden Age was made all the more special as FSLC teamed with The Kobal Collection and Big Eye Gallery.com to display a photo exhibit of some of the most well-known and celebrated images of the screen icon. The exhibit made it’s debut with a special reception on Friday, May 20. (All photos by Justina Walford)



















RECKONING WITH TORTURE: Memos and Testimonies from the “War on Terror” 



Tuesday, May 24


Director Doug Liman (MR. AND MRS. SMITH, THE BOURNE IDENTITY) with the help of the dramatic reading skills of actors such as Lily Taylor, Dianne Wiest, as well as the participation of former CIA officials and former military prosecutors, brought to life transcripts from military directives, reports, emails, etc. to offer a compelling and sometimes heartbreaking view into the lives destroyed or put into cold storage by the handling (or mis-handling) of the “war on terror”.

The Walter Reade may have been outfitted with cameras and lights to record the production, but the appearance of the filming equipment did nothing to lessen the immediacy and impact of the readings and presentation to the full house. In the end, the message (regardless of the efforts by the government to redact much of it) was clear as to the toll that was taken on innocent lives by the campaign.   


Director Doug Liman explains to the audience his introduction to the unique multimedia project and why all of those cameras are surrounding them in the Walter Reade. (Photo by Justina Walford)


Lily Taylor reads from the portion of the transcripts given her that weren't redacted. (Photo by Justina Walford)