Inside Llewyn Davis star Oscar Isaac takes to the stage Wednesday night in Santa Monica. Photo by Eugene Hernandez

Revellers celebratedĀ Inside Llewyn Davis Wednesday night in Santa Monica ahead of its Closing Night screening at AFI Fest (taking placeThursday) complete with a concert from the film’s popular soundtrack, which is already a hit on iTunes.

Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, the film, which had its U.S. premiere at the 51st New York Film Festival, stars Oscar Isaac as an idealistic folk singer in 1961 Greenwich Village. The Coens mixed with the crowd as music producer T-Bone Burnett introduced the night’s musical guests including Oscar Isaac who performed a number of the songs from the film. “Please make this like a quiet Greenwich Village club,” Burnett implored to the crowd before the acts headed to the stage.

The crowd mostly obliged. And what a crowd it was! In addition to the Coens, producer Scott Rudin, actor John Goodman were in the crowd along with none other than Barbra Streisand, who sat to the right of the stage along with Norman Lear and Ted Danson. If the musical performers were nervous singing their folk tunes in front of Streisand — this year’s Chaplin Award recipient — they did not let on. Also in the crowd was Moby along with a hodgepodge of actors and Hollywood notables including Steve Martin (who played one number on stage with his banjo), Mary Steenburgen, Jennifer Leigh, Fred Willard, James Brolin, Joe Wright.

Bands wowed the audience who dined on a buffet at The Buffalo Club off Olympic Blvd. The show actually took place over two sets keeping revealers going passed midnight.

The evenings two musical sets and bands are listed below:

Punch Brothers
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Rye Whiskey

Willie Watson
On the Road Again (with Punch Brothers)
Hills of Mexico

Sean and Sara Watkins (with Paul Kowert on bass)
You’re the One I Love
You and Me

Chris Thile, Sara Watkins, and Sean Watkins
Scotch and Chocolate
Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Milk Carton Kids
Hope of A Lifetime
Snake Eyes

Rhiannon Giddens (with Hubby Jenkins on Guitar, Paul Kowert on bass and Jay Bellerose on drums)
Mouth Music (with above plus Chris Thile on Mandolin, Chris Eldridge on guitar, Gabe Witcher on fiddle and Hubby Jenkins on bones)

Punch Brothers
The Auld Triangle
The Crow (featuring Steve Martin)

Oscar Isaac
Green Green Rocky Road
Dink’s Song (with Punch Brothers)

Set 2:

Chris Thile, Sara Watkins, and Sean Watkins
23rd of May

Milk Carton Kids
New York

Oscar Isaac and Punch Brothers
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me

Oscar Isaac and The Milk Carton Kids
Switchable City

Rhiannon Giddens with Hubby Jenkins, Gabe Witcher and Paul Kowert
No Man’s Mama

Rhiannon Giddens & Lalenjah Harrington
(gospel song – title unknown)

Willie Watson
Keep It Clean

Punch Brothers
Brakeman’s Blues
The Darkest Hour (with Sean and Sara Watkins)
Hop High (with Sean and Sara Watkins)

Willie & Ensemble
Midnight Special


Oscar Isaac
Dink’s Song (solo)
You Ain’t Going Nowjere (with full ensemble)