Jackie Chan on stage at the Walter Reade Theater. Photo: Julie Cunnah

On June 10, Jackie Chan visited the Film Society of Lincoln Center to receive the New York Asian Film Festival’s Star Asia Lifetime Achievement Award, screen his new film Chinese Zodiac, and participate in a conversation. The international star of 101 films sat down to discuss his career, his process, and the reason he makes films. For those who couldn’t attend the discussion, FilmLinc Daily has compiled our favorite Jackie moments for your viewing pleasure. 

In the following clip, Chan talks about the experience of working on his first film as a director, screenwriting, and learning about storytelling from An Officer and a Gentleman:

Here, Jackie Chan talks about criticizing his own films and the awe-inspiring experience of visiting the set of Avatar:

Chan also discussed the difference between filmmaking in Hong Kong and the U.S., and the way he combines the two approaches when making his own films:

Chan spoke about recognizing the global reach of his films and his sense of social responsibility in his filmmaking:

To hear the rest of the conversation, check out the full video below!

Additional camerawork by Adrian Rothschild.

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