Kenya Marquez's Latinbeat opener Expiration Date, from Mexico.

Film Society of Lincoln Center is proud to announce the lineup for the 13th Annual Latinbeat film festival! Comprising 13 narrative features and six documentary from 10 different countries, this year's slate is sure to stay consistent with Latinbeat's commitment to showcasing the best and the brightest new works of Latin American cinema.

With a total of five feature films in the lineup, Mexico is set to be well-represented at the festival. One of the films, Expiration Date, also happens to be the Opening Night selection of Latinbeat. The feature debut of Kenya Marquez and starring renowned Mexican actor Damian Alcazar, the perspective-shifting film focuses on a Guadalajara woman's search for her missing son, with results that are both suspenseful and blackly comedic. Marquez, producer Karla Uribe, cinematographer Javier Moron, and Alcazar will all be in person at the film's screening.

Another film from Mexico in the selection, The Last Christeros, explores an easily forgotten aspect of Mexico's history—the war between the Church and state that went on during the 1920s and 1930s. Director Matias Meyer will be in attendance for the film's screening. For more family-friendly fare, check out the G-rated Bacalar, which follows two twelve-year-olds who, upon accidentally capturing animal traffickers on videotape, become involved in saving endangered wolves.

Sebastián Borensztein's Goya Award winner Chinese Takeaway, from Argentina.

The Southern Cone will also be making a strong impact on this year’s Latinbeat lineup with an array of acclaimed and star-studded feature films. Winner of the Best Iberoamerican Film award at this year’s Goya Awards, Chinese Takeaway stars Ricardo Darin, one of Argentina’s biggest actors, as a hardened hardware store owner who helps a newly arrived Chinese immigrant.

Another film being showcased is Violeta Went to Heaven, a biopic of influential Chilean singer Violeta Parra, which won the Grand Jury Prize in the dramatic World Cinema competition of this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Broadway sensation Elena Roger (Evita) stars in One Love, which tells the story of three middle-aged friends who reunite, only to discover the summer love and heartbreak they experienced in their teenage years still lives on. Rogers will be in attendance at the film’s screening!

Jaime Roos' Latinbeat closer 3 Million, from Uruguay.

Also on hand is an array of documentaries, which provide an intimate insight into Latin American history and culture. The festival's closing night selection is the U.S. premiere of the Uruguyan documentary 3 Million. Directed by and featuring Uruguyan musician Jaime Roos and his son Yamandu Roos, this exuberant and celebratory doc captures their passion for soccer and their “relentless journey” of following the Uruguayan soccer team all the way to the South African World Cup. Father and son will be in attendance at the film's screening, in addition to providing a live musical performance! 

Awkwa Liwen explores the indigenous population of 19th century Argentina, relating it to the country's current political and economic state.  Also showing is master documentary filmmaker Eduardo Coutinho’s Songs, in which he interviews 18 residents of Rio De Janeiro about their favorite Brazilian song and why it is important to them.

The 13th edition of the Latinbeat film festival runs August 10 – 23 in the Walter Reade Theater. For the full lineup, more information about the films, and a schedule, check out the press release.