Swedish-born filmmaker Lukas Moodysson’s latest, We Are the Best!, has won raves at festivals around the globe since premiering in Venice last August.

Set in the 1980s, the drama follows three girls in Stockholm who decide to form a punk band despite not having any instruments and being told by everyone that punk is dead. Bobo and Klara have punk-style short haircuts and recruit another girl, Hedvig, to join their group. They convince her to cut her hair as well, which in turn causes an immediate backlash from Hedvig’s mother. She threatens to take matters to the police, but offers to let it go if the girls attend church every week. The girls instead want Hedvig to renounce her Christianity. The band gives voice to their untested feminist, spiritual, and political philosophy, though their actions expose their own intolerance and the conformity that exists in the society around them.

Based on the graphic novel by the filmmaker’s spouse, Coco Moodysson, We Are the Best! has won over a number of critics ahead of its theatrical roll out this weekend at the Film Society, including Violet Lucca of Film Comment, who observed: “With fantastic performances by the three leads (only one of whom is a professional actor), the film fluidly alternates between the messiness and warmth of female friendship.”

We Are the Best! stars Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin, and Liv LeMoyne, who received an honorable mention for Best Ensemble at the Philadelphia Film Festival. In this exclusive clip, the young punks are seen climbing a ladder to a snow-packed rooftop overlooking the city. Two of them embrace while the other jokes about getting near the edge, soliciting a reaction from her friends.