Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead (1980). Image courtesy of NATIONAL FILM/MEDUSA/DANIA / THE KOBAL COLLECTION

We've announced a lineup of Midnight Movies for July and August that's sure to quench your cinematic desire for serial killers, vampires, drag queens, and deadly household appliances!

Kicking things off on July 5 is Rico Maria Ilarde’s The Fridge (2012), a crossover event with the New York Asian Film Festival. After living in the United States for years with her aunt, Tina returns to the Philippines to her family’s old home. What Tina doesn’t know is that she's sharing her kitchen with a demonic refrigerator that eats people!

July 12 brings John McNaughton’s Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986), starring Michael Rooker as a troubled man who commits heinous crimes to satisfy his insatiable appetite for blood. He's not the only bloodthirsty one. The following week, see Christopher Lee in his second of seven appearances for Hammer as the renowned Transylvanian Count in Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1965). Two English couples traveling through the Carpathian Mountains make the terrible mistake of visiting the infamous castle in Karlsbad, where Dracula’s ashes are waiting to be revived by human blood.

Closing out the month is Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead (1980), part one of his unofficial Gates of Hell trilogy, on July 26. A priest’s suicide opens up the gates of hell, causing the dead to rise. The gates must be closed before All Saints Day, or the dead will kill the living all over the world.

Tony Scott's The Hunger (1983). Image courtesy of MGM/UA / THE KOBAL COLLECTION

We’re starting off August with a trifecta of sexy blood-suckers: Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon, and David Bowie in Tony Scott’s The Hunger (1983). Egyptian vampire Miriam (Deneuve) lives off the blood of her lovers. When one of them (Bowie) wises up to his coming demise, he contacts a doctor (Sarandon) to save him, but she is in danger of Miriam’s wrath as well.

On August 9, Christopher Lee makes another midnight movie appearance, this time alongside Peter Cushing and Vincent Price in Scream and Scream Again (1965). Then on August 16, Tony Curtis stars in The Manitou (1977), in which he enlists the help of a medicine man to force an evil Indian spirit out of his girlfriend.

From there we turn to a true cult classic: John Waters’ Pink Flamingos (1972) starring the legendary Divine on August 23. Rounding out the month is a screening of Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator (1986), the charming/grotesque/hilarious story of a young couple’s growing obsession with re-animating dead tissue.

Tickets to these late night classics are now on sale. Check out the full Midnight Movies roster below:

Director: Lucio Fulci
Country: Italy
The first part of Fulci’s “Gates of Hell” trilogy follows a news reporter to the town of Dunwich, Massachusetts to investigate mysterious goings on in the wake of the suicide of the parish priest. In accord with an ancient prophecy, the dead are rising to attack the living, preparing for advent of the Devil himself. As ever with Fulci, it makes no sense whatsoever, but nevermind.
July 26

Director: Terence Fisher
Country: U.K.
The second of Christopher Lee’s seven appearances for Hammer as the world’s most famous vampire, here ritually resurrected by a just-add-blood recipe after four Victorian tourists unwisely stay the night at his castle. Terence Fisher directs with his usual mastery.
July 19

THE FRIDGE (2012) 90min
Director: Rico Maria Ilarde
Country: Philippines
Never before has a haunted appliance had this many tentacles and craved this much human blood in this gleeful, gory, sexy movie about an evil refrigerator that terrorizes a young woman. A New York Asian Film Festival presentation.
July 5

Director: John McNaughton
Country: USA
It launched a thousand imitators, but this 100% indie effort remains one of the most disturbing films ever made. Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead)  will freeze your blood as real-life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, but Tom Towles as his sidekick Otis almost steals the show.
July 12

THE HUNGER (1983) 99min
Director: Tony Scott
Country: USA
Vampire lovers Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie stalk New York’s downtown club scene in search of fresh blood (watch out for Willem Dafoe). Bowie starts aging rapidly—paging Dr. Sarandon!
August 2

THE MANITOU (1977) 105min
Director: William Girdler
Country: U.S.
Tony Curtis, Susan Strasberg, Stella Stevens, and Burgess Meredith dignify this wild excursion into demonology in which the 400-year-old spirit of a Native American witch doctor reincarnates himself inside a monstrous tumor growing on Steven’s neck. Occult expert Curtis and colleagues come to the rescue, but can they and the film’s lavish special effects prevail against the evil Misquamacus’s legendary powers?
August 16

PINK FLAMINGOS (1972) 95min
Director: John Waters
Country: U.S.
A certified member of the Midnight Movie canon, John Water’s outrageous underground classic showcases the unique talents of Divine, who retains the title of “Filthiest Person Alive” despite the scheming of her degenerate arch-rival Connie Marvel. Highlights include bestiality, furniture licking, cannibalism, a singing anus, and unsimulated coprophagy.
August 23

RE-ANIMATOR (1985) 86min
Director: Stuart Gordon
Country: USA
A laughing-screaming classic, RE-ANIMATOR is the rare horror film that can be both wholly disturbing and wildly hilarious. An homage to mad-scientist films of yore, Stuart Gordon’s gore-soaked debut feature stars a brilliant Jeffrey Combs as Professor Herbert West, who’s obsessed with bringing the dead back to life. Perhaps the most fun Lovecraft adaptation ever crafted, it is widely considered one of the essential horror films of the 80s.
August 30

Director: Gordon Hessler
Country: U.K.
Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and Peter Cushing are together at last in this wild shocker in which a police investigation into a pair of “vampire murders” lead to the clinic of a scientist bent on creating a race of superhuman “composite beings” using transplant surgery.
August 9