Colin Elliott recently completed his studies at Columbia University’s Graduate Film Program and has written and directed a number of short films. He worked as the assistant to director Gregg Araki on the feature film Mysterious Skin. His short film Giongo is playing in Shorts Program 1 of New Directors/New Films on Saturday and Sunday — and a few tickets are still available for the March 25 screening.

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Colin Elliott

Describe your film Giongo to someone who hasn't seen it.
A zen koan wrapped in a love story.

If you could work with any artist alive, who would it be and why?
Sunn O))) or Excepter, though those would be very different projects.

Describe your very first experience with filmmaking.
I made a video for a fictitious Elliott Health Spa starring my younger sister as the fitness instructor. That one’s still among my best work.

From what types of art, other than film, do you draw inspiration?
Definitely music.

What is your favorite food to eat on set?
Anything light and vegetarian.

Which parts of the filmmaking process do you enjoy the most? The least?
Unpacking the story. When I write something, it’s always only about a quarter of the whole story/idea, so I have to look at what I’ve got and see that there are many more things inside that can be pulled out. It can be difficult and sometimes painful to have to really dig into an idea, free associate with all the elements, and see what resonates, but it’s how I find my process rewarding.

Shorts Program 1 screens on March 24 and March 25.