We’re getting ready for a Norwegian invasion at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. With spring finally here in New York City, we’d like to point out that Norwegian films are not all about snow and cold weather; we’ve got comedy, thrillers, experimental films, cinema classics, and rousing crowd-pleasers in this diverse line-up that starts April 27 and runs until May 4 at the Walter Reade Theater.

Here are some of the highlights:

April 27: Director Marius Holst and actor Stellan Skarsgård will present the Wednesday, April 27 screening of King of Devil’s Island, about a notorious uprising at a boys’ reform school in 1915. Holst will be back for the screening on Saturday, April 30.

April 27 & 28: Director Maria Sødahl joins us for the screenings of Limbo, which shows the dark side to the sunny climes of Trinidad.

April 27 & 30: Nokas, a tense retelling of a 2004 bank robbery, caused a stir in its home country and was added last-minute to the series – an international premiere!

April 29: Ingrid Dokka, a film scholar who has written extensively on Edith Carlmar (Norway’s first female director), joins us after the 6:45pm screening of Death Is a Caress and will shed some light on the career of this fascinating woman.

April 29 & 30: Norway’s submission for the Academy Awards this year, The Angel – a heartfelt film about a woman trying to get her life together.

May 1 & 3: Bent Hamer (director of Factotum) joins us for the screenings of Home for Christmas. The Norwegian all-star displays his wry, deadpan tone in a set of darkly comic Christmastime tales about the travails and passions of a small town’s inhabitants.

Check out screening dates and times for The Far Side of Paradise: New Films from Norway and get your tickets now. BONUS OFFER: Free ticket to either the Short Film Program or the Experimental Film Program with purchase of a Three-Film Pass!