Winter is coming, and what better way to start November off than by spending some some chilly days in our warm theaters watching amazing movies? From thrilling WWII action to classic silent comedies to scream-inducing horror, old and new, we have everything you need for an excuse to spend the day indoors.

On November 13, Indie Night returns with Matt Creed's Lily. This deliberate character piece, based on actress/co-writer Amy Grantham's true story of surviving breast cancer in her 20s, calls to mind the French New Wave. Creed and Grantham will be in person for a Q&A following the screening, moderated by pioneering independent filmmaker Amos Poe.

Tradition is a Temple

For an in depth and beautiful look into the music of New Orleans, join us for the Art of the Real presentation Tradition is a Temple on November 14. The documentary's director Darren Hoffman, producer Kristen McEntyre and co-writer Chuck Perkins will be here in person to speak on how the long tradition of music in NOLA is still inspiring young musicians there today.

X, Y, and Zee

This month's Film Comment Double Feature offers some of the biggest names in classic cinema all in one amazing block. First is Elizabeth Taylor at her best in the throes of glamour and deception. She’s a wealthy socialite doing anything she can to drag husband Michael Caine away from his beautiful young mistress in Brian G. Hutton's X, Y and Zee. Following that comes Clint Eastwood taking a break from being the cowboy hero of the west to be a hero commando with Richard Burton in Hutton's WWII classic picture Where Eagles Dare. But when the two soldiers venture into Nazi territory to rescue a General the enemies are holding prisoner, they find that all is not as it seems. See both films for the price of one (just $10 for Film Comment magazine subscribers)!

Safety Last

Our Family Films series has favorites for every generation of film lover. From the 1920s comes two silent classics, The General with Buster Keaton and Safety Last! with Harold Lloyd. From the 1950s we get what is considered by many to be one of best westerns, if not one of the best films, ever made: High Noon with a grizzled Gary Cooper. Or if you’re in a more musical state of mind, check out Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the hilarious musical comedy about a man with six brothers who decide that since their eldest brother is getting married, they should all immediately find a bride as well. Then we jump to the 1990s with the Australian favorite Babe, the heartwarming story of a pig who has to earn his place on a farm after he is won in a fair.

Manufactured Landscapes

Canadian artist Peter Mettler makes films that are simply unlike any other. In collaboration with the Lincoln Center White Light Festival, see some of his beautiful works on nature, human nature, and the changing state of landscapes across the world, as well as his experiments with light and sound and his newest film The End of Time. Mettler will be in person at almost every screening, so don't miss this mid-career retrospective November 8 – 12.

Winter in New York is cold, but not as cold as the tops of the Himalayas. Outdoorsy types won't want to miss the fourth annual Mountainfilm series November 15 – 17, featuring sea feats and peak adventures!

Across the River

Last but not last (because technically it comes first), don't you dare miss the latest edition of our annual Halloween celebration, Scary Movies 7. There are a lot of classic offerings, from creepy kids in The Nanny to masked murderers in Curtains to the traditional terrifying (possibly) haunted house in Let’s Scare Jessica to Death. In addition to these favorites there are also nine U.S. and New York premieres! Across the River is a terrifying look at a biologist trapped alone in the woods when he makes a very unwelcome discovery. All Cheerleaders Die proves that even satire can be scary, especially when mean girls with supernatural powers are involved. And joining us for the New York Premiere of his much-anticipated new film The Green Inferno is horror master Eli Roth. See three or more films and save with our Discount Package!