The 12th edition of the New York Asian Film Festival, dubbed “everyone’s favorite pan-Asian cinematic WTF smorgasbord” by Nathan Lee of Village Voice, opens today! Though it's a complex topic, FilmLinc Daily hopes to amuse you with a breakdown of the nuttiest trailers the festival has to offer. Though the following videos may be a mystery to some, they should be catnip to fans of imaginative cinema.

Warped Forest

Variety described Warped Forest as “the weirdest movie of the year,” which seems to be an accurate assesment, based on the trailer. So far, we have a phallic, glowing gun, miniature people, and animate hat. Could this be the weirdest trailer of the festival? 

Insanity Rating: Three Suggestive Fruits

Hardcore Comedy

The trailer for Hardcore Comedy is a bit hard to follow. What we know: “Action Packed,” “Pyrotechnic Narcotics,” “Battle Royale,” “Heart Warming Romance,” “Violent Shootings,” as well as “Nipple,” “Hot Chick,” “MILF,” and “Iced Tea.” This one definitely leads the pack in text to film ratio. 

Insanity Rating: 5 Million Pyrotechnic Narcotics


Countdown is a charming moive about Thai teenagers spending New Year's Eve in New York, where they meet a kooky American named Jesus. Also, they buy weed from him and then they all try to kill each other. 

Insanity Rating: Seven Snapped Fingers

The Last Supper

After Countdown, The Last Supper may appear to be a fairly traditional period peice. However, it still makes the list by virtue of having the highest number of severed body parts in one trailer of the entire festival.

Insanity Rating: Two Severed Heads, with a bonus of Two Severed Legs 

Head over to FilmLinc's YouTube channel to check out even more New York Asian Film Festival trailers. And come out to NYAFF to see the range, variety, and artistry contemporary Asian cinema has to offer!