Los Santos by night (Grand Theft Auto V)

Day four of the 51st New York Film Festival is the final one for our NYFF Convergence program focused on the intersection of technology and storytelling. To cap things off, we've got two high-profile events that you won't want to miss. Tonight at 9:00pm, join us at St. Paul the Apostle's Church for Live from Los Santos: The Music. The composers of GTAV's original score—Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, and Alchemist & Oh No—will perform music from the game followed by an afterparty at Le Poisson Rouge featuring a DJ set by Flying Lotus.

But first up in Convergence, we are excited to present the world premiere of A Short History of the Highrise. Produced by The New York Times, this interactive documentary explores the 2,500 year global history of vertical living. The film draws from The New York Times' extraordinary visual archive, a repository of millions of photographs that have largely been unseen for decades. This interactive experience incorporates the archive's images and allows the audience to dig deeper into the project’s themes with additional materials, text and micro-games.

Also on offer today are an amazing variety of more traditional, non-interactive documentaries. Starting us off is the quiet, darkly riveting In the Dark Room, the true story of Magdalena Kopp, the woman who acquired international renown when she became the co-revolutionary, lover, and then wife of the international terrorist Carlos the Jackal. Fans of Olivier Assayas' Carlos won't want to miss this documentary companion piece. Rush tickets available!

Directors Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez will be in person at the second screening of Manakamana, the latest from Harvard's Sensory Ethnography Lab. The film is a gorgeous motion portrait of a cable car that carries pilgrims and tourists to and from a mountaintop temple in Nepal that won two new filmmaker prizes at the 2013 Locarno Film Festival.

Stranger by the Lake

The radiant and tragic Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil le Clercq finishes up the day’s documentaries. Director Nancy Buirski will be on hand to discuss her rich and compelling portrait of a dancer—Tanaquil le Clercq, wife of George Ballanchine—who can no longer dance and a muse who can no longer inspire. This event is standby only.

A veteran of New York Film Festival, director Hong Sang-soo’s South Korean drama Nobody’s Daughter Haewon starts off today’s main slate offerings. Young film student Haewon finds herself at loose ends when her mother moves to Canada, and she struggles to find her own way and her own identity in reality and also in her dreams. A different sort of dream is seen in the following film Like Father, Like Son, a “switched at birth thriller” that will leave you heartbroken at the edge of your seat. Rush tickets available!

From South Korea we go to Cambodia with The Missing Picture, the “becalmed and lucid recounting of a nightmare” that was Pol Pot’s reign as dictator. From there it's to a lakeside in France where men cruise for sex and companionship. A Time Out New York Critic’s Choice, Stranger by the Lake is a “mesmerizing mix of explicit same-sex ethnography and old-school Hitchcockian suspense,” which sounds pretty good to us. Rush tickets available!

Featured Emerging Artist Johanna Hogg will screen her first two features today, both beautiful, both about troubled families vacationing in Italy, and both starring Tom Hiddleston. Archipelago is up first at 6:30pm (rush tickets available), followed by Unrelated at 9:15pm. If you missed it last night, Hogg's new film Exhibition will screen again later in the week.

In other exciting news, we start our Revivals section of restored classics today with Alain Resnais' opulent Providence, returning to the big screen after more than 30 years. Come and join us at 7.30pm to watch it as it was supposed to be seen: on the big screen!

Today's Schedule
1:00pm In the Dark Room (Motion Portraits, FBT) RUSH AVAILABLE
3:30pm Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (Official Selection, FBT) STANDBY ONLY
3:30pm Manakamana (Motion Portraits, HGT)
6:00pm Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil le Clercq (Motion Portraits, WRT) STANDBY ONLY
6:00pm Like Father, Like Son (Official Selection, ATH) RUSH AVAILABLE
6:30pm Archipelago (Emerging Artitsts, WRT) RUSH AVAILABLE
7:00pm A Short History of the Highrise (EBM) STANDBY ONLY
8:15pm Unrelated (Emerging Artists, WRT)
8:30pm Providence (Revivals, WRT)
9:00pm The Missing Picture (Official Selection, FBT) STANDBY ONLY
9:15pm Stranger By The Lake (Official Selection, ATH) RUSH AVAILABLE