Leos Carax's Holy Motors

The 14th day of the New York Film Festival offers a full day of films from (and about) well-established masters of cinema as well as exciting and emerging talent. Such diversity finds its way into all of our programs, starting with our Main Slate. We begin the day with encore screenings of Brian De Palma's Passion, Cristian Mungiu's Beyond the Hills and Alan Berliner's First Cousin, Once Removed. Then in the evening, some of our Main Slate selections have their New York debuts, including Leos Carax's Holy Motors. One of the most highly-anticipated and hotly-debated entries at this year's Cannes Film Festival and Carax's first film in 13 years, Holy Motors is described by Film Society Associate Director of Programming Scott Foundas as a “return with a vengeance.”

Marc-Henr Wajnberg's Kinshasa Kids

For those looking for something more under the radar, check out Kinshasa Kids, the debut feature from Belgian fimmaker Marc-Henri Wajnberg. A “documentary/fiction hybrid,” Wajnberg's film is a discovery not only of a new directorial voice in cinema, but of a setting rarely explored on camera, the Congolese capital city from which the film gets its name. Then, at 9:00pm, don't miss our encore screening of Dror Moreh's jaw-dropping and eye-opening documentary The Gatekeepers, which examines the political climate of Israel through interviews with six former heads of security agency Shin Bet. Rush tickets available!

Our fascinating Cinéastes/Cinema of Our Time series today Thursday with prorams on Jerry Lewis and Hou Hsiao-hsien. Though Lewis is certainly the household name of the twom Hou Hsia-hsien has been a mainstay at the New York Film Festival over the years, as proven by Film Society Executive Director Rose Kuo in our tribute video Memories. Directed by respected critic, devoted Hou fan, and fellow filmmaker Olviier Assayas (who's here at the festival with Main Slate selection Something in the Air), the program is a perfect opportunity for you to (re)introduce yourself to this Chinese master of cinema. Rush tickets available! 

Francesco Rosi's The Mattei Affair

Speaking of masters, our Masterworks section provides the first of two Italian highlights tonight with Francesco Rosi's The Mattei Affair, the other being Saturday's screening of Fellini Satyricon. While he might not be as recognizable as Fellini or some other big-name Italian filmmakers, Rosi holds a special place in the history of Italian cinema and few filmmakers have ever held such a fierce grip on a specific genre as Rosi did throughout the 70s and 80s. Writing for Film Comment in 2006, Alex Cox called Rosi “a master” of the political thriler, “just as Jean-Pierre Melville was of the film noir. Of all his thrillers, The Mattei Affair is the best.” Rush tickets available! 

Full Schedule:
Main Slate:

3:15pm – Passion (Standby Only)
3:30pm – Beyond the Hills (Standby Only)
6:00pm – First Cousin, Once Removed (Standby Only)
6:00pm – Holy Motors
6:15pm – Kinshasa Kids
8:30pm – The Dead Man and Being Happy (Standby Only)
9:00pm – The Gatekeepeers (Rush Tickets Available!)

1:15pm – The Rolling Stones – Charlie Is My Darling – Ireland ‘65 (Rush Tickets Available!)
6:30pm – HHH, A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-hsien (Cinéastes/Cinema of our Time, Rush Tickets Available!)
8:30pm – Jerry Lewis (Part One) (Cinéastes/Cinema of our Time)
8:45pm – The Mattei Affair (Rush Tickets Available!)

NYFF Live:
7:00pm – Meet the Filmmaker – Pablo Larrain (SoHo Apple Store)