Ralph Fiennes Gala tonight!
Ralph Fiennes

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite news: ticket deals! Tonight there are special $25 balcony tickets for the Ralph Fiennes Tribute Gala. Join us as we pay tribute to the Award-winning actor, featuring an extended on-stage conversation followed by the U.S. premiere of his latest film, The Invisible Woman. Ralph Fiennes stars as Dickens and directs, and he displays formidable skills for shaping narrative around the conflicting desires of complex characters. Start the evening off with an intimate dinner, and end it in beautiful 19th century London.

Our Godard series continues tonight with two great movies, both with rush tickets available! Hail Mary returns to the New York Film Festival where it was screened in 1985 amid loud protests against its ‘blasphemous’ message. The irony, of course, is that the film itself is far from blasphemous, but rather a glorious cinematic hymn, an attempt to reconcile spirit and flesh, science and nature. It screens with Godard’s video notebook and presented in a new 35mm print today at 6:00. Tonight’s second Godard is a dystopian sci-fi detective film noir.  Alphaville is not the kind of film that you see every day; it defies categorization in the unique abstract way that only Godard can. Rush tickets are available to tonight’s 9:00pm screening, which will be a restored DCP.

Leos Carax' Boy Meets Girl

And if Godard does not satisfy your need for French film watching, you should check out Boy Meets Girl, Leos Carax’s 1984 debut feature. It’s a lush, black-and-white fable of last-ditch romance and a prodigious act of youthful self-mythologizing, drawn from a cinephilic grab bag of influences and allusions, presented in our Revivals section. Also presented in the section is The Chase, Arthur Ripley’s 1946 quintessential film noir. It has been restored to beautiful 35mm after years of no quality prints being available.

If you're still not excited, there are also two free NYFF51 Live events tonight in the Amphitheater! Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson co-directed an amazingly deep series of films on today’s state of political affairs. Taken as a whole, these quietly authoritative and masterfully constructed films—each one compelling on its own, many of them down-to-the-wire political thrillers—form one epic story of our political process during a time of monumental change. They tell the story of how our democracy works, right now. NYFF51 Live: Michael Camerini & Shari Robertson (How Democracy Works Now) is tonight at 7:45pm with seating available on a first come, first serve basis. Tomorrow’s screening of My Name is Hmm… is standby only, but tonight you still have the opportunity to see fashion designer, film producer and, now, director, agnes b. in a conversation about her directorial debut. NYFF51 Live: agnès b. (My Name is Hmmm…) is tonight at 7:00pm with seats available on a first come, first serve basis.

Also playing today is The Immigrant, Burning Bush, Bastards, Abuse of Weakness, and Tim’s Vermeer. Tickets are standby only. If you have tickets, enjoy, and if you don't then stop by and test your luck!

Today's Schedule

12:00pm The Immigrant (Official Selection, FBT) STANDBY ONLY
1:00pm Burning Bush (Official Selection, HGT) STANDBY ONLY
3:00pm Bastards (Official Selection, FBT) STANDBY ONLY
6:00pm Hail Mary (Jean-Luc Godard, WRT) RUSH AVAILABLE
6:00pm Boy Meets Girl (Revivals, FBT)
6:00pm Abuse Of Weakness (Official Selection, HGT) STANDBY ONLY
8:30pm A Tribute to Ralph Fiennes + The Invisible Woman (Gala Tributes, ATH) RUSH AVAILABLE
8:30pm The Chase (Revivals, FBT)
9:00pm Alphaville (Jean-Luc Godard, WRT) RUSH AVAILABLE
9:00pm Tim's Vermeer (Applied Science, HGT) STANDBY ONLY