Corpo celeste


Corpo celeste, 9:30pm, Alice Tully Hall, RUSH TICKETS AVAILABLE!*
Preparing for her confirmation, 13-year old Marta duels with the Church while each day physical changes course through body, in Alice Rohrwacher’s impressive debut. It is an intimate drama laced with irreverent humor, featuring an astounding performance by young actress Yle Vianello as Marta (NYFF Spotlight)


Melancholia, 6:30pm Standby Only, Alice Tully Hall

The end of the world—and the collapse of the spirit—has never been depicted as beautifully and wrenchingly as in Melancholia, the latest provocation from Lars von Trier. (NYFF Spotlight)<br />
Le Havre, 9:00pm, Walter Reade Theater
A Parisian author in exile comes to the aid of a young African immigrant on the run from police in Finnish master Aki Kaurismäki’s gentle yet profound comedy of friendship, random acts of kindness and small acts of revolution. (NYFF Spotlight)

Crazy Horse, 6:00pm, Walter Reade Theater
Documentary master Frederick Wiseman’s behind the scenes tour of Paris’ legendary erotic cabaret is an exuberant, one-of-a-kind musical valentine to the City of Light and the art of desire. (NYFF Spotlight)

Don’t Expect Too Much, 8:30pm, Francesca Beale Theater
In this feature-length companion piece to Nicholas Ray’s We Can’t Go Home Again, Ray’s widow, Susan, examines her late husband’s stormy romance with Hollywood, his self-imposed exile in Europe, and his eventual return to America, where he began work on the wildly experimental magnum opus that would become his final cinematic testament. (NYFF Spotlight)

Hometown, 4:00pm, Howard Gilman Theater
An Italian-trained tenor is tempted by fame, to his wife’s dismay, in the first sound film from the masterful director of Ugetsu.

Tange Sazen and Pot Worth a Million Ryo, 5:45pm, Howard Gilman Theater, RUSH TICKETS AVAILABLE!*
This highly enjoyable, comical take on samurai stories stars the iconic Denjiro Okochi as a man frantically searching for a pot containing a treasure map.

Singing Lovebirds aka Samurai Musical, 8:10pm, Howard Gilman Theater, RUSH TICKETS AVAILABLE!*
One of Japan’s first auteurs, Makino offers a real Japanese musical that follows a love story between a samurai and a courtesan during the Edo period.

*One hour before showtime, a limited number of rush tickets to selected festival screenings will go on sale at the screening's corresponding box office. Rush tickets are $12 at Alice Tully Hall and $10 at the Walter Reade Theater & the Film Center's theaters.  More info…

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