We already shared photos from the premieres of Life of Pi and Frances Ha, now check out what happened behind the scenes and in front of the camera at the rest of the opening weekend of the 50th New York Film Festival!

Camille Rewinds:

Director and star Noémie Lvovsky getting her 20 x 24 Polaroid taken. Photo: Devon O'Kane

Noémie Lvovsky during a Q&A following a screening of Camille Rewinds. Photo: Devon O'Kane

Liv and Ingmar:

Liv Ullmann. Photo: Jamie Stuart

Robert Koehler, Liv Ullmann, Rose Kuo, Dheeraj Akolkar, and company. Photo: Jamie Stuart

Mickey Sumner, Liv Ullmann, Greta Gerwig. Photo: Jamie Stuart

Once Every Day:

NYFF selection committee member Amy Taubin and director Richard Foreman following a press conference. Photo: Godlis

The Rolling Stones  Charlie is My Darling  Ireland '65:

Director Mick Gochanour and producer Robin Klein. Photo: Godlis

Photo: Godlis

Caesar Must Die:

Vittorio Taviani during a press conference. Photo: Godlis

Paolo Taviani during a press conference. Photo: Godlis

The delightful Taviani brother. Photo: Godlis


Director Brian De Palma. Photo: Olga Bas

Little Shop of Horrors:

Actress Ellen Greene and composer Alan Menken. Photo: Belem Destefani

Director Frank Oz, Greene, Menken. Photo: Belem Destefani


Bridging the Tech Divide:

Moderator Matt Bolish, speakers Mike Knowlton, Barry Alexander Brown, Mark Harris. Photo: Devon O'Kane

Writing Transmedia:

George Strayton, John Esposito. Photo: Devon O'Kane

Multiple Producers, Multiple Platforms:

Photo: Samantha Thomas