NYFF Selection Committee member Amy Taubin and director Richard Foreman after the press conference Q&A.

Despite having not made a feature film in 35 years, Richard Foreman—best known for his work in avant-grade theater—still has plenty to say about the act of making films. Recently, Foreman sat down with Amy Taubin to discuss his film, Once Every Day, which will have its world premiere on October 6 as a special event in the 50th New York Film Festival.

A few years ago, Foreman started using moving images as backgrounds to his theatrical works. Not only did this spur his interest to make a feature film, but he found he had ideas he coulnd't express on the stage. “I've had a love-hate relation with the theater for at least 30 years,” he told Taubin. “There are many things about the theater that I don't like.”

Theatricality is certainly absent from Foreman's shooting style. Instead of the controlled, precise nature of his stage works, with Once Every Day, Foreman thought it best to “film very fast, as if I was filming a riot… there was gold to be found in the most mundane moments.”

Watch the full Q&A below: