TICKET UPDATE 10/3, 12:30pm

More tickets will be released today for the following films. Check back online in the next few hours for tickets.

Le Havre 10/5
The Kid with a Bike 10/6
You Are Not I 10/6
Melancholia 10/6
Dancer in Izu 10/11

Please note, if you go to purchase tickets and there are none available at this time, there will be a standby line at the box office of the corresponding venue on the day of the screening.

Rush Tickets for 10/3 will be available for:
5:45pm A Pot Worth a Million Ryo
8:10pm Singing Lovebirds
9:30pm Corpo Celeste

One hour before showtime, a limited number of rush tickets to selected festival screenings will go on sale at the screening¹s corresponding box office. Rush tickets are $12 at Alice Tully Hall and $10 at the Walter Reade Theater & the Film Center's theaters. Check the FilmLinc.com blog for rush ticket availability. Visit us on Facebook & Twitter for updates.

For programs with tickets that are currently unavailable, standby lines form approximately one hour before showtime at the screening's corresponding box office. Standby tickets go on sale approximately 15 minutes before showtime.  Standby tickets are full price. Check the FilmLinc.com blog for ticket availability. Visit us on Facebook & Twitter for updates.