The results of our NYFF trailer contest are in! Join us in congratulating our lucky winner Savannah Turner and check out the list of correct answers below.

This year, over 50 people tried their luck at the contest and a whopping 11 people got every video and audio clip right, which… wow! From the correct answers, Savannah was chosen randomly and will receive two tickets to the Closing Night screening of Spike Jonze's Her as well as a New York Film Festival prize pack.

Whether you entered or not, we think you'll have fun watching the trailer again with the list of clips in hand, so…

Video Clips
1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
2. Her
3. Captain Phillips
4. The Immigrant
5. Inside Llewyn Davis
6. Nobody's Daughter Haewon
7. Nebraska
8. Abuse of Weakness
9. Child of God
10. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
11. Omar
12. The Square
13. When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism
14. The Last of the Unjust
15. Jealousy
16. Alan Partridge
17. Stranger by the Lake
18. My Name is Hmmm…
19. The Missing Picture
20. Stray Dogs
21. About Time
22. Real
23. The Immigrant
24. The Wind Rises
25. Burning Bush
26. All is Lost
27. American Promise
28. Blue is the Warmest Color
29. Only Lovers Left Alive
30. Le Week-end
31. Norte, The End of History
32. The Invisible Woman
33. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
34. My Name is Hmmm…
35. At Berkeley
36. Burning Bush
37. Bastards
38. Jimmy P
39. Captain Phillips
40. Her
41. A Touch of Sin
42. Gloria
43. The Wind Rises
44. Inside Llewyn Davis
45. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
46. Captain Phillips
47. All is Lost
48. Like Father Like Son

Audio Clips
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!” – The Invisible Woman
“This is an S.O.S. call. Over.” – All is Lost
“Let’s try to live every day as if it was the final day.” – About Time
“Oui, mon amour.” – Abuse of Weakness
“Had to open your big mouth, huh funny boy?” – Inside Llewyn Davis
“C’mon. Be somebody.” – Nebraska
“I love the way you look at the world.” – Her
“(Laughter)” – Like Father, Like Son