Here is the final batch of clips of 51st New York Film Festival films! They include Ralph Fiennes’ The Invisible Woman, Rithy Panh’s The Missing Picture, Marc Silver’s Who is Dayani Cristal? and Mark Levinson’s Particle Fever. Watch them below…

The Invisible Woman, “A Woman’s Reputation” (Ralph Fiennes):

The Invisible Woman, “Mistakes”:

The Invisible Woman, “Human’s Secrets”:

The Invisible Woman, “Introductions”:

The Missing Picture, “Childhood Cinema” (Rithy Panh):

The Missing Picture, “Public Projection”:

The Missing Picture, “The Deportation”:

The Missing Picture, “Plane Savior”:

Who is Dayani Cristal? “Altar Scene” (Marc Silver):

Particle Fever, “We Look for Patterns” (Mark Levinson):