As a still-developing subset of films, Slow Cinema can prove difficult to categorize. Less dependent on runtime length than elements of deliberate pacing, long takes, and overall mood, Slow Cinema has found a richly devoted audience both at home and abroad. Some filmmakers may resist the classification as “Slow Cinema filmmakers,” but they would be hard-pressed to deny that experiments in screentime duration (in all its forms) play an essential role in their art.

Inspired by our current theatrical release, Days, from Taiwanese auteur and “Slow Cinema God” Tsai Ming-liang, last week’s Community Corner question asked for your favorite film in the Slow Cinema canon. Chantal Akerman’s classic, Jeanne Dielman 23 quai du Commerce and Andrei Tarkovsky’s highly influential Stalker were two of the most cited examples. Scroll down below to spot your favorite and a slew of other recommendations.

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