Last week we reminisced and came of age with director David Chase's Not Fade Away, along with the stars of the film and a few supporters from The Sopranos. Check out our collection of photos from this historic night:

Director David Chase, Executive Producer Steve Van Zandt, Producer Mark Johnson, John Magaro, Bella Heathcote, Will Brill, and Jack Huston. Photo: Godlis

Director David Chase. Photo: Godlis

Peña, Chase, and Van Zandt. Photo: Godlis

Van Zandt on the red carpet. Photo: Julie Cunnah

Law & Order: SVU
's Richard Belzer. Photo: Olga Bas

John Magaro. Photo: Olga Bas

Meg Guzulescu. Photo: Olga Bas

Justine Lupe. Photo: Olga Bas

Lorraine Bracco. Photo: Olga Bas

Magaro and Bella Heathcote. Photo: Olga Bas

Van Zandt getting his
 20 x 24 Polaroid taken. Photo: Olga Bas

More from the Polaroid photoshoot. Jack Huston, Will Brill. Photo: Olga Bas

Chase. Photo: Olga Bas

Heathcote and Magaro. Photo: Olga Bas