Film Society fan Earl Gatchalian sends in this memory of the New York Asian Film Festival:

“I had purchased a ten pack of tickets for the New York Asian Film Festival and received a special pass to attend the awards ceremony involving three big name actors from China: Simon Yam, Sammo Hung, and newcomer Huang Bo. I was so excited. To see my favorite actor Simon Yam introduce his new film was something I never could have thought possible. 

I was sitting second row center, camera in hand ready to capture every moment I could. Then the special guests took their seats, right in front of me.  Is this what it was like going to these kinds of events?  I was star struck.  The event went on and after it was over the audience surrounded the actors as they left, taking pictures and bombarding them with questions. I stood in one place unable to get through, a copy of Sparrow in my hand.  The organizers took control and the stars pushed towards my direction. Simon Yam saw me holding the DVD with a sharpie. He stopped and said, “Oh, I really like this movie!”  and he signed it. As they left, I still stood there holding on to the autographed box tightly.”

Thanks Earl, we’ll see you at the Miike series!

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