Cast and crew of Simon Killer. Photo by Eugene Hernandez / FLSC.

As heavy snow raged outside, filmmakers and industry members sat down with “The Daily Buzz” to talk about the festival, the future of indie films, and the crazy parties they plan on attending.

Prolific producer Ted Hope made his 22nd trip to the Sundance Film Festival and discussed what draws him to the festival year in and year out. He also shared his vision on how filmmakers must adapt to thrive in a changing marketplace. Hope also shares some health tips on living long enough to see all the films you want.

Borderline Films, the team behind last year’s Sundance hit, and NYFF favorite, Martha Marcy May Marlene, returned to discuss their newest film, Simon Killer. The ambitious collective of Sean Durkin, Antonio Campos, Josh Mond, and Matt Palmieri, as well as star Brady Corbet, reveal the process behind their new film, which began just as MMMM wrapped up. They also share some of their influences and idols, including Corbet’s love for Béla Tarr.

In We Are Legion, Brian Knappenberger goes behind the screens with online hacktivist group Anonymous. He explained what drew him to the project, as well as documentaries in general. Plus, Knappenberger reveals what it is like to infiltrate an organization that the FBI is constantly investigating.

Finally, Dan Mirvish of Slamdance Film Festival, Christopher Ryan of Oceanside Entertainment, and Scott Macaulay of Filmmaker Magazine joined “The Daily Buzz” for a round-up of what’s going on in Park City. From the unorthodox panels and events at Slamdance to the literally hundreds of parties, they show just how big the festival has gotten. They also talked about the films they’ve seen so far, as well as what they’re looking forward to most in the coming days.

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