Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick, directors of The Invisible War. Photo by Eugene Hernandez / FSLC.

More than a week into this year’s Sundance Film Festival, “The Daily Buzz” reflects on the films that have impressed audiences so far, as well as what the festival still has to offer in its final days.

In today’s roundtable discussion, the “The Daily Buzz” talked with writers about their Sundance favorites and the state of the industry. Mark Rabinowitz of CNN/Rabbi Report discussed how the festival has changed since his last visit to the Festival over a decade ago, while Time Out New York’s David Fear gushed about Compliance, one of his surprise favorites of the festival so far. Blogger Tom Hall, who runs his own film festival, explained what makes each festival different and why Sundance in particular is so important.

In The Invisible War, Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering shed light on a dark trend in the US military. They shared the techniques they used to get soldiers, both male and female, to open up about the sexual abuse they suffered during their service. The film acts as both a therapeutic release for victims as well as a call to action for change and oversight, with its emotion and sincerity coming across powerfully in the filmmaker’s discussion of the project.

Lucy Walker has been having a good week at Sundance — she won a Jury Prize for her film The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom and also received an Oscar nomination — but she keeps her focus on the important subject matter of her film. Covering the events of the devastating earthquake in Japan last year, her movie came from her love and connections to cherry blossoms. Walker talked about why she felt so compelled to tell the story, and the beauty that came from the chaos.

The mood lightened at the end of the show, when “The Daily Buzz” was joined by Hello, I Must Be Going producer Mary Jane Skalski. Tired after a week of festivities, Skalski was still enthusiastic about everything Sundance has to offer for her and her fellow filmmakers. Her unique take on the film industry is a perfect complement to the experiences of the directors and actors that have stopped by “The Daily Buzz” so far.

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