Our surprise sneak screening of a work in progress turned out to be Hugo, Martin Scorsese's first film in 3D. Here are some reactions from critics who were in attendance on Monday night:

“Hugo will be a worthy addition to the upcoming awards season. Scorsese has provided the most intriguing use of 3D since James Cameron did in Avatar; instead of the gimmicky opportunity of using 3D to have objects jump out at audiences, Scorsese employs it to subtly immerse the audience into Hugo Cabret’s world that exists behind the walls of a Paris train station, and the inner workings of the clocks he winds and maintains, that are so integral to the film’s plot.” —Mike Fleming, Deadline

“Constructed with the utmost meticulous care – much like the pioneer it commemorates – Martin Scorsese’s 3D fantasia 'Hugo,' is an enchanting fairy tale, a profoundly affectionate tribute to the giants of cinema and one of his most deeply personal films.” —The Playlist, indieWIRE

“Martin Scorsese's 'Hugo' was unveiled at the New York Film Festival on Monday night, and the reaction to his unfinished film was so enthusiastic that it left one question lingering in the air: Has Scorsese just saved 3D?” —Steve Pond, Reuters (The Wrap)

“Though unfinished, there's enough to see what can be done when 3-D is used with a light hand, and feels more like an extra way of welcoming the audience into the story, and less like an obtrusion. In a film that is defined by the sense of wonder that surrounded early cinema, Scorsese offers us just a little of what that might have felt like.” —Gazelle Emami, Huffington Post

“Scorsese shows us exactly how exhilarating the art form can be, whether you’re creating it or consuming it; some of the most affecting moments occur when characters show just how great it feels to be on that high.” —Angie Han, Slash Film