Here's a spotlight on French Films at ND/NF 2011! Most films will have Q&As with directors after the screenings.

Belle Epine It’s been two weeks since her mother died, and Prudence is home alone: her father is overseas on business, and her older sister, stricken with grief, has absented herself. Sixteen going on seventeen, Prudence is failing to come to grips with the sudden loss of her mother and loses herself in antisocial behavior. Sat, Mar 26: 1 PM at MoMA

Copacabana The glamorous idea of Copacabana is a dream in this proletarian town in northern France, where a daughter and her single mother—played by real life mother and daughter Isabelle Huppert and Lolita Chammah—have an uneasy relationship. Wed, Mar 30: 6 PM at FSLC and Thurs, Mar 31: 9 PM at MoMA

Curling In a rural Quebec town, a single father, Jean-François, supports his daughter, Julyvonne, by working days in a motel and nights at a bowling alley. Sat Mar 26: 6:15 pm at MoMA and Sun Mar 27: 3:30 pm at FSLC

Incendies In Montreal a handsome woman dies, and her will holds an astonishing request. She asks her grown children, fraternal twins, to deliver two sealed letters: one to their father, who they believed dead, and one to a brother they did not know existed. Fri Mar 25: 6:00 pm at MoMA and Sun Mar 27: 8:30 pm at FSLC

Memory Lane During the long days and soft breezes of summer, seven twenty-something friends come together in their hometown. Some have never left; others have created lives for themselves far away and see themselves as just passing through. Fri Mar 25: 8:30 pm at FSLC and Sun Mar 27: 1:30 pm at MoMA