Here's a look at Middle Eastern films screening at ND/NF 2011! There will be Q&As with the directors following the films.

Cairo 6,7,8 The timeliness of Mohamed Diab’s Cairo 6,7,8 extends beyond its setting in contemporary Egypt; it reflects a broader Arab desire for personal empowerment and dignity. The intersecting narratives of three women of different social and economic status in Cairo converge in their collective desire to combat sexual harassment. Sat Mar 26: 3:30 pm at MoMA and Mon Mar 28: 9:00 pm at FSLC

Microphone Khaled (Egyptian heartthrob Khaled Abol Naga) returns to his hometown, Alexandria, restlessly searching for purpose beyond his relationships with his disinterested ex-girlfriend and an aging father from whom he feels permanently alienated. Tue Mar 29: 8:30 pm at MoMA and Thu Mar 31: 6:00 pm at FSLC

Man Without A Cell Phone When he’s not working in his cousin’s concrete business, college dropout Jawdat (Razi Shawahdeh), who lives in a quiet Palestinian town inside Israel, usually spends his free time looking for new women to chat up on his cell phone. Fri Apr 1: 6:00 pm at FSLC and Sun Apr 3: 1:30 pm at MoMA

Majority Mertkan (brilliantly portrayed by Bartu Küçükçag ̆ layan) slides through each day working as an office assistant for his father’s construction company—when he’s not gobbling burgers at the mall with his buddies. Fri Mar 25: 9:15 pm at MoMA and Sun Mar 27: 12:30 pm at FSLC